About the Blog

This blog is dedicated to my Fellowship Year as a Michael C. Rockefeller Fellow

Experiencing the fragility of life shattered my belief of grand theories of justice and forced me to look at those around me and connect on a personal level with human kindness. Now, I seek to reconnect with my younger self that captured a meaning of justice from seeing the troubles and whereabouts of common folk and everyday life. By immersing in the Amazon—a  place geographically close to my origins but paradoxically distant in its culture, language, and social structures—I hope to reconnect to a human appreciation of justice and define my ultimate quest, through the ways I first gained a glimpse of them:  TRAVEL and FRIENDSHIP.

About me

I embark on a journey where the only destination is other people

I am a 24-year-old from Sonsón, Ant. Colombia. I recently graduated from Harvard University in Social Studies and Philosophy. I have various interests including writing and traveling. I am passionate for Latin America, its history, culture and people. I am someone in search of the most human sense of justice, and am going to the Amazon to find it.

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